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P.O. Box 271088
Dallas, TX 75227-1088
Phone # 214-388-0777 (office)
Fax # 214-275-4666
Houston Contact Info:
P.O. Box 631288
Houston, TX 77263-1288
Phone # 713-917-0777 (office)
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Career Opportunities

Otis Clayborne & Associates Realty is looking for dedicated, motivated, committed and aggresive persons to expand its line of services to include an in house Mortgage Company. Individuals desiring a career in Real Estate, Finance, Marketing, Sales & Consultation are encouraged to apply.

The ultimate goal of this firm is to provide a One Stop Shopping experience for its clients. Otis Clayborne & Associates Realty was founded and predicated on requiring the highest degree of professional ethics of its employees. Applicants should therefore be honest & disciplined as well as credible with integrity beyond reproach.

Employees must:

  • Be Cognizant of and Sensitive to Individual Customer Needs and Desires
  • Be able to Learn Technical Material Quickly
  • Be Receptive to Coaching
  • Be Able to Work Independently After being Trained
  • Possess Excellent Communication Skills
  • Own & Operate a Laptop Computer with the Capability of Receiving Faxes
  • Maintain a Clean, Neat Motor Vehicle
  • Dress as a Professional - DRESS FOR SUCCESS

At Otis Clayborne & Associates we are not necessarily interested in becoming the largest firm; however, we are interested in being 'THE BEST' REAL ESTATE FIRM.

If you desire to become a part of our progressive Team of Professionals, please click the link that corresponds to your area of interests to determine the specific requirements, i.e. Real estate agent , Loan officer, etc. After requirements have been identified, simply complete the Personal Data Entry and click submit.

Thank you for considering our Firm.

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