Dallas Contact Info:
P.O. Box 271088
Dallas, TX 75227-1088
Phone # 214-388-0777 (office)
Fax # 214-275-4666
Houston Contact Info:
P.O. Box 631288
Houston, TX 77263-1288
Phone # 713-917-0777 (office)
Fax # 713-532-9007
Welcome to Otis Clayborne & Associates Realty

Buying your dream home could be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  Equally important should be your choice of a realty firm with the experience and expertise to take care of your property transactions.

Whether you're a first-time buyer or seller, or an experienced investor looking for income properties, you are assured of excellent professional service at OTIS CLAYBORNE AND ASSOCIATES REALTY.  Our team of highly trained and dedicated real estate professionals with solid years of experience in the industry will see to it that you get prompt and competent service.

Take time to browse our site.  Start your home-shopping by checking out our properties for sale and rental properties.  You may also talk to our agents at 214-388-0777 (Dallas office) or 713-917-0777 (Houston office).


Otis Clayborne & Associates is partnering with Career WebSchool to offer online real estate courses.

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